. zottman curl (effective to get muscular arms)

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The dumbbell zottman curl which is an effective and best variation of the common bicep curl

The dumbbell zottman curl which is an effective and best variation of the common bicep curl. This exercise was invented by the 19th century strongman Goerge zottman. 

This exercise is quite old, but it targets your bicep as well as your forearm at the same time compared to the common bicep curl. 

This exercise is very helpful in improving the size of your bicep and making your forearm strong. Due to the double benefits of an exercise, it is very much liked by fitness experts.

 If this exercise is done properly, then we get surprising results in no time. 

The zottman curl exercise targets the bicep muscle more than the normal dumbbell bicep curl, Once you master it, it will set a new dimension in your bicep exercise.  




STEP:1 (equipments): 

For zottman Curl Exercise, you just need a pair of dumbbells, whose weight is according to you, that means, do not take too much weight.This exercise is very helpful in improving the size of your bicep and making your forearm strong


STEP:2 (setup):  

1.Grab the dumbbells with your palms in such a way that the dumbbells are facing forward. 

2.Get a balanced standing position  make sure your feet are hips width   apart. 

STEP:3 (time for action): 

1. Keeping your back straight and  making a proper grip on the   dumbbells, lift it upwards to  contract the muscles. 

2.Stress the biceps hard at the top position, then rotate your hands  so that your palms face downwards. 

3. Now bring the hands down slowly,  rotate the hands on the lower  position or starting position so  that your palms are facing    upwards again. 

4. Repeat this motion in the desired  no. Of reps and sets . 

NOTED RECOMMENDATION:  If you are in the beginning of zottman curls, then go for lighter weights, for 10-15 repetitions and 3-4 sets. 

If you are comfortable with this exercise, then go for heavy weights, for 3-4 sets in the range of 6-7 reps. 




The zottman dumbbell curl primarily targets your biceps bracii.

The bicep muscle is made up of two heads long head and short head, both heads act as a unit during pulling and lifting exercises. 

Along with this, this exercise also targets the brachioradialis muscle, which are the strongest and most visible muscles in ours forearms. 


The zottman dumbbell curl exercise secondarily targets your bicep brachialis muscle, which lies beneath your biceps bracii. 

Along with this, it also targets your abs muscles and back muscles, due to which our body gets stability during the exercise. 



1.Rounding the back:  Some weight lifters tend to bend their back during the curls exercise, which does not target the bicep muscles properly. 

Make sure that your back remains straight, so that zottman curl can target the bicep muscles well. 


This is the most common mistake that people make during the zottman exercise. 

Swinging the arms and using the momentum to lift the weight. This happens because those people lift heavy weight, Due to which he has to face back injury. 

You do not have to lift heavy weight, you want growth, for which you have to learn this exercise properly with light weight. 


 This is also one of the most common mistake, in which people lift the weight but bring the dumbbells down so quickly. By doing this, very important gain of muscles is stolen. 

You do not have to do this, in the zottman curls, the dumbbells have to be raised in a controlled manner and slowly bring them down. 

So that you will get the maximum benefit of this exercise. 






1.GIVES YOU STRENGTH:  Zottman curl exercise gives strength to your arms and also increases the size of your biceps. 

It not only increases the size of your bicep, but also gives you inner strength. 

2.ACTIVATES THE FOREARMS:  The zottman Curl Exercise is an effective combo of two exercises to increase the size of the bicep and strengthen the forearm. In this exercise, you can target upper and lower arm at the same time. 

3.IMPROVED ARM SHAPE:  In today's time everyone wants strong and good looking arms. zottman curls can be a good gift for them. 

Because this exercise, if done properly, gives you a better result in no time.