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Hammer curls not only increase the strength of your arms, but also make them look muscular, due to which they look quite attractive

After spending hours in old traditional curls and chin up exercises in the gym, the size of the bicep does not increase, so that it is quite unsatisfactory for us.

This happens because we do not do the exercise that makes our upper arm muscles grow.

And that muscle is the brachialis muscle,  which makes your biceps bulky when targeted properly in the exercise.

 Brachialis muscle is the key muscle of our upper arms, it is located on the outer side of the upper arm, right next to the biceps.

Whenever we do exercises targeting the brachialis, our upper arm grows, which makes the bicep look bigger.

The proper targeting exercise of the brachialis muscle is the hammer curl. 

Which gives you great results in no time. 

Dumbbell hammer curl is the most popular exercise for upper body. 

This is another variation of dumbbell curl. Which targets different muscles of your hand, which increases the strength of your arms,

 And many fitness experts believe that this greatly improves the grip strength and brings stability in the wrist. 



STEP:1(EQUIPMENT):    A pair of   dumbbells 

STEP:2(ACTION):  Before adding hammer curl exercise to your exercise routine, you should have experience in lifting weights. 

If you are new, then do this exercise with low weight and perfect the arms movement during the exercise. 

Once perfection is achieved, you go for heavy weights. The hammer curl exercise targets the muscle that grows your bicep the most

First of all, stand in a balanced position according to the width of the shoulder. 

Now lift the dumbbells with your palms in such a way that the palms should be towards your body. 

Your elbows are in the fixed position,

 now lift the dumbbells and take them close to the shoulder and stay for a while and stress the muscles and slowly bring the dumbbells down to starting position. 

Do this motion in as many reps. and sets as you can.

 According to fitness experts, if you are a beginner, then do this exercise in the range of 7 to 10 reps in 2 sets. And if you are experienced then do it in the range of 12 to 15 reps in 3 sets. 





1. INCREASE STRENGTH:  The hammer curl exercise targets the muscle that grows your bicep the most. 

Along with growing the biceps, it also strengthens your lower arms, strengthens the hand grip and makes you capable of lifting heavy weights. 

2.IMPROVED AESTHETICS:  Hammer curls not only increase the strength of your arms, but also make them look muscular, due to which they look quite attractive. 



1.USING MOMENTUM:  This is the most common mistake that people make during the hammer curl exercise. 

Swinging the arms and using the momentum to lift the weight.

 This happens because those people lift heavy weight, Due to which he has to face back injury. 

You do not have to lift heavy weight, you want growth, for which you have to learn this exercise properly with light weight. 

2.CURLING TOO FAST:  This is also one of the most common mistake, in which people lift the weight but bring the dumbbells down so quickly.

 By doing this, very important gain of muscles is stolen.

You do not have to do this, in the hammer curls,

the dumbbells have to be raised in a controlled manner and slowly bring them down. 

So that you will get the maximum benefit of this exercise. 

3.FLOATING ELBOWS:  Sometimes some weight lifters float away their elbows from the body while lifting weights.

 Due to which the muscles of the shoulders get engaged, and instead of stressing the upper arm muscles, the muscles of the shoulders are stressed.

While lifting the dumbbells, you have to keep the elbows straight in the locking position and do not move them away from the body. 

If your elbows do not stay in the locking position, then use light suitable weights.